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Marks & Spencer – #spenditwell

May 19, 2017

As busy stylist and photographer I am constantly rushing from one project to the next, sometimes without ever coming up for air it seems.

I am always inspired and sometimes overwhelmed by all the colourful and creative things I get to see everyday.

The pressure is always on to create the next best look, the next best image.

There are so many times I am hardly home for weeks on end, whilst I am always grateful for all of the fabulous locations and inspiring people I get to meet and work with day to day, nothing means more to me though than coming home, as we all can relate to,

home is love, home is where my lovely husband and puppy Ella are.

I have always been passionate about creating a welcoming home, and welcoming it is, its certainly not a magazine picture,

not by any standards, my home is lived in, it has its loveable parts and its I need some love parts, its old and has character,

but I can see the vision and slowly that vision comes to life over time.

For me the most important room at home is the bedroom, time spent catching up on some sleep and relaxing with my husband and Ella on a Sunday morning mean the world to me. @marks&spencer want us to remember to make the most of every moment.

Making the most of every moment is so important, taking time out to enjoy the things we love most and spoiling ourselves with some

of lifes little pleasures certainly doesnt hurt! Marks & Spencer kindly treated me to a wonderful opportunity to deck out my bedroom,

it was so much fun choosing from an amazing selection of beautiful homewares now available here in Asutralia.

I am a lover of soft pink and ochres at the moment, its a little cooler here in Queensland now, my love is tropical and I always love to keep it fresh and mix it up and try new looks in my bedroom, the natural beatuty of jute is always a feature of any room at my place,

I love the earthyness it creates amongst my white wash cool tropical tones.

I choose a fab selection of complimentary pieces, creating layers of textures whilst keeping a rather minimal feel still.

I was blown away by the beautiful details and quality of all the pieces that arrived, when I chose the standard pillow cases,

I had no idea they had such beautiful detailing.

Creating a welcoming bedroom is simply about choosing pieces that work together well, in colour tones, textures and details, the right mix can create a space you’ll be racing home to enjoy every single day.

A huge thank you to Marks & Spencer and Shopping Links for helping me create a new bedroom to love.

Daisy Geometric Cushion | Banded HurricaneWoven Mia Throw  | Cotton Rib Cushion (Ochre)

Chloe Smocking Bed Set | 2 Pack Percale Pillowcase (Pink Parfait) |

Raffia + Seagrass Small Storage Basket | Water Hyacinth Set of 2 Round Baskets

Marks & Spencer Australia

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